Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wyoming Countryside (2011), 6 x 8"

I think this is the last Wyoming painting for now. Up next are another Bee Rock painting, two of the arboretum, and a really unusually shaped one of the Sea of Galilee. Stay tuned!



  1. Hi audra
    Thanks for your comments on my blog re:color palette. It is so helpful to get others opinions and thoughts. Knowing that you use pure color explains why your pictures are so vibrant.
    Do you use a palette knife a lot?
    I enjoyed looking through your blog...your work is wonderful.

  2. Actually, I rarely use a palette knife. All the texture is produced with a small bristle brush. The brush I use most frequently is a Loew Cornell size 0 brush--the smallest bristle brush I have ever found!

  3. Also, thanks for the compliments! :-)



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