Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pet Portrait Commission: Maddie the Beagle (2011), 12 x 12"

I've been working the past few weeks on my latest commission. I didn't post about it earlier because the commission is actually a surprise birthday gift for the recipient! The person who commissioned the painting wanted to surprise his wife for her birthday! This painting was a special challenge, because the photo I had to paint was in black and white. I did have several other color photos for reference, which was extremely helpful. Here's the original photo:
And here is a color photo I used as reference:I did a detailed sketch as usual, and completed painting the head and body in one sitting (so cute!):
I was instructed to leave the background as nondescript as possible, and to use a palette of muted greens or browns. I decided on greens since that contrasted better with the color of the dog's fur. I used really thick paint and chunky textures, especially in the top section of the painting. I mixed five subtly different shades of green/blue-green and placed them randomly next to each other without any blending. I really love how the whole painting turned out! Here is the finished painting along with some close-ups:Check out my other pet portraits here:
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Want to commission a pet portrait of your own? Contact me here:


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