Friday, September 3, 2010

Pink Rose II (2010), 9 x 12"

Based on how popular my other pink rose painting was at the Downtown Festival of the Arts, I decided to paint another smaller (i.e. more affordable) pink rose. Seems as though roses are becoming somewhat of a specialty for me. They are not my favorite subject to paint, but I love how 3-dimensional they look on the canvas. My rose paintings are some of my best, I think.

I also think it is interesting to compare this recent painting with my very first rose painting. My technique has developed quite a bit; the petals are now more distinct--the whole image is more "in focus"-- and the brush strokes better convey depth in the painting.


This painting is based on a photo found on and used under a Creative Commons Licence ( The photographer audreyjm529 has an entire album of amazing rose photos here.

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