Tuesday, November 30, 2010

GicleƩ Prints!

Sold my first giclee print on Sunday. I picked it up from the print shop today and it looks awesome! :-)

Prices for my prints range from $35-$45.
The detail of these prints is fantastic and the image captures the texture of the original painting perfectly! Check out the prints I have for sale at my etsy shop. Prints make great Christmas gifts and are an affordable alternative to an original oil painting! Contact me if there is a painting you would like a print of and don't see it listed on etsy.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holiday Art Show at Indi Go Gallery

I'll be selling some of my paintings at the Indi Go Gallery's holiday art show Dec. 7-21! This show includes eight artists who specialize in different mediums--painting, jewelery, photography, fiber, and graphic arts. The opening reception is Friday, December 10, from 6-8pm. Open hours will be 2-7pm M-F, and 12-7pm Sat-Sun. Come check it out!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sunset over the Mountains (2010), 8 x 8"

I've been having real trouble lately finding a photo I am inspired to paint. Since I am only painting small canvases right now, I am finding that possible subjects are rather limited. I have so many photos I'd like to paint, but they would require larger canvases. Large paintings are hard to sell, therefore I am limiting myself to painting tiny things for the time being. Anyway, I already have a whole stack of larger sized paintings waiting to be sold. Such a dilemma. I am wanting to complete a few more small paintings before the end of November so they are dry and ready to sell for the holidays. I should mention that people love the bigger paintings, they just don't want to spend more than $100...

The painting below is based on a photo that inspired me because of the unique sky.


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