Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rocky Ocean Scene (2009), 16 x 20"

I love painting water. Not only is turquoise one of my favorite colors (I have many favorite colors), but the texture of rough waves is fun to work with.

This painting is for sale at my etsy page.


  1. Audra, I like your use of texture. In your "Rocky Ocean Scene", I can't help wondering if smooth, flowing stroke in the sky would make the texture of the rocks and water stand out even more. Your waves are luscious & vibrant in all their wondrous texture. I can almost hear & feel the lapping of the waves.

  2. Thanks for your comment! I've always painted my skies in a highly textured style--I think the reason I like to paint them this way is that it is unexpected. Though, if I had to paint this particular painting again, I would probably soften the strokes in the sky as you suggested...or perhaps change their direction or size.



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