Friday, December 2, 2011

Commission: Cattle Egret (2011), 11 x 14"

I painted this graceful bird as a commission. I decided to paint it in a more realistic style than many of my paintings, because I wanted to be sure to capture the character of the bird, not just its general shape. I am really happy with how this painting turned out--from a certain distance it looks like a photograph. Below is the original photo along with the different stages of progress.One other interesting bit about this painting is that I didn't know in the beginning what kind of bird this was. We originally thought it was a Great White Heron (a genetic variant of the Great Blue Heron), but they are pure white over their entire bodies. This bird has brownish/orangish plumage on its head, back, and chest. After doing some internet research I was able to find out that it is actually a Cattle Egret. Here are some other photos I found:


  1. I love seeing the progression. I've seen this bird a lot down South. It is funny that there are generally one bird to every cow. And most will sit on their cow's back. It puzzled me all the way to Florida. Yes, very realistic.

  2. Birds, dogs, bunnies... what's next??? You are a regular animal painter. ;)



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